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Financial Management in the Army Essay

Financial Management in the Army Role

Financial management in the Army is an important part of the organization, change and motivation increase. This topic also covers various programs devoted to helping military and veterans with recovery, education, scholarship, job finding, military families help, etc. It is a wide and comparatively complicated topic. Here we will talk about two main possible subjects of your essay:

  • Financial education of military members. Financial education in the army is about leaders who continuously examine and find out the personal financial difficulties of the army members. They work with military members to increase their financial readiness and responsibility by coaching them. The key aim is to effect military members’ motivation and dedication. 
  • Financial aid programs for veterans and military members. This essay topic is about describing the possible programs that give financial aid to military and veterans, and their families. Here we talk about the importance of these programs, their benefits, and development in the future. Education, new skills, training opportunities, the connection of veterans with potential employers, access to professional development events, support for military and veterans families, help with a transition into civilian careers, and others.

The essay topic choice is up to you. Our general recommendation is to find one strong idea that involves a real problem of financial management in the army. To excel with an essay, you will need to prove that this problem is important and provide the evidence. The solution to a problem is also required. 

How to Write Your Financial Management in the Army Essay?

Successful essay writing consists of the following steps:

  • Choose your essay topic direction.
  • Check available information in reliable sources about financial management in the army.
  • Define one concrete idea or problem.
  • Write a plan – introduction (relevance of the topic today and for the future), essay body (depending on the topic – facts, figures, arguments, some of history, storytelling, etc.).
  • Create an essay draft. Check if it corresponds to financial management in the army reality. 
  • Read a text out loud to ensure it is clear to understand and logically built.

Financial Management in the Army Essay Thesis

Financial Management in the Army Essay Thesis

Here we will provide some thesis on the army financial management to help you with ideas and essay content.

Financial education of military members:

  • The lack of information about how to manage soldier’s and military members’ finances lead to different issues connected to the accumulation of their debt obligations, stress, frustration, etc. It directly influences their motivation, military unit readiness, and military members’ dedication. This also influences the military and veterans’ families’ wellness. 
  • Military leaders monitor personal financial problems and offer solutions as complex study programs and individual coaching of soldiers.  
  • The level of financial literacy directly affects the ability of a military member to take a leadership position in the army. 
  • There are some concrete regulations telling that soldiers are required to manage their finance and pay their debts in time. 
  • The way to help military members and veterans with their financial management is education and engaged leadership. 
  • It is also important to promote the approach of being proactive among military members. Inform and promote resources where they can learn how to manage finance and debts. 

Financial aid programs for veterans and military members:

  • In the US, there are many programs of financial aid for the education of military members and veterans. Here are some: The Montgomery GI Bill, The Post-9/11 GI Bill, The Yellow Ribbon program, The National Call to Service program, The Survivors’ and Dependents’ Educational Assistance (DEA) Program. 
  • Scholarship programs – of the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, National Guard, Coast Guards, and Military Families Scholarship. All of them provide concrete requirements for candidates and various opportunities. 
  • There are several online resources to help you with needed information for financial management in the army essay – Military OneSource (provides information on education, employment opportunities and programs of compensation for veterans and military members), Military Skills Translator (helps veterans and military members to convert their military experience into civilian opportunities), American Society and Military Comptrollers (provides access to networking, events, and education in financial management) and other.

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