“What you eat is your business” essay

What you eat is your business essay

Healthcare topics are becoming more and more popular since people have to take care of themselves in the best way. As long as you are what you eat, the state of your health depends on nutrition. People must be more responsible for their actions with their organisms. 

The investigations prove that the frequency of tumors, ulcers, and other illnesses depends on the food quality and vitamin complexes’ insufficiency. Meanwhile, there are reverse dependence and examples when you pay more attention to the quality of the food, the disease’s levels will eliminate significantly. 

It is almost impossible to keep the nutrients’ balance every day. However, if you spend some time to listening to the responsible people, your emotional and physical status as well as your skin will improve a lot.

Food as a global problem

The issue of obesity among children and adults is getting to be more acute in many countries. Obese people usually have children with the same issue. The causes of obesity are genetic. however, some kids tend to have bad eating habits looking at their parents. 

The issue of people’s obesity, personal attitude towards foods, healthcare, and government actions were the bullet points of the argumentative paper by the American journalist Balko. He emphasizes that the government should review the situation from various angles. Balko states that the government must take charge of regulating the products’ prices that lead to obesity and make healthy products more available. 

Balko claims that the government should not spend more money on measures for anti-obesity. He argues that people must be more responsible for their own choices and health. People are the main coordinators of the way of life we live and food we eat. So no one else will be able to correct our lifestyle. Sure, we are tempted constantly but we should remember that our face reflects the quality of the food we eat. So we should make proper conclusions.

Enjoy various foods

The effect of each nutrient on the body is different. Hence, if you keep on eating only certain products that are called “healthy” ones, it will not guarantee you will be healthy. It goes without saying that your food must contain enough vitamins and minerals. Thus, note that every food you eat will become a part of you. However, do not avoid eating food that gives you pleasure. It might be concluded, that we should be more responsible for taking care of ourselves and what we eat.

Nowadays, when the state of the environment is terrible and the quality of the food is not the best one, it is extremely important to take care of ourselves, maintain a healthy lifestyle, engage in sports and physical education.

Therefore, the more you take care of yourself, getting the responsibility, the longer you will leave and the quality of your life will be better. So do not hesitate to change your eating habits right now! 

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