The necessary facts about business ethics essay

The necessary facts about business ethics essay

You might not be interested in business subjects until you grow up and decide who you want to be. However, you will definitely be assigned to write an essay about business when you become a college student sooner or later. Here you will find the main tips on how to compose an essay on business ethics. 

The main problems with writing essay

Business ethics is a very important but not very well explored sphere in contemporary business life. The area of business ethics is dealing with a question if this or that practice is acceptable. 

In this article, we will emphasize the most vital problems that will provide you with a more precise phenomenon understanding and is possible to be ideally conveyed in your paper on business ethics. Let’s view these subjects from various perspectives and make a few lists of the most exciting and prominent topics that will guarantee ou success. 

Business essay paper topics that are worth discussing

When you understand that you should begin writing your paper, the first thing you should do is to select the proper topic. Your topic must be untired and relevant to interest your reader. Also, it should demonstrate your own attention to the problem of business ethics and central problematic concept understanding. For sure, in order to find such a topic, you should hold the whole investigation, read certain articles, and do not ignore the use of the additional data resources. However, have a look at our short trip into business ethics which will facilitate the challenging choice and focus your attention on major problems that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Harassment and diversity problems

The diversity question has always been an object of intense discussion. In the case of business, it is remaining one of the most necessary ethical problems. Any enterprise or company hires people with totally various characters, interests, and lives. What is most necessary is that every employee deserves respect for their rights and personalities. The same is applying to racism, sexism, and many other “isms”. With social stereotypes backing, the problem of race and sex often leads to various discrimination conflicts among the employees. It is important to recognize these problems in business and search for ways to reduce them.

Privacy problems

There is one more aspect that you might include in your paper about business ethics – this is about workplace privacy. People are always trying to protect their private data from extraneous use. they also have the right to private space that must not be neglected even at the workplace. Describing this problem in your paper, you may search for the essential privacy questions answers which workers might have. Also, you might define the most frequent issues arising in this regard.

Health problems

Every one of us might face health problems and sometimes they might happen at the workplace. The insurance provision, working environment, number of working hours – all these and many more factors might affect the work’s quality and your health. Basing on the health problems, you might write a paper for any target – from the definition paper to the argumentative one. Select an interesting topic – and you are a few steps before the highest grade!

Accounting problems

Apart from the aspects of business ethics within a company, some other problems spread in the workplace. One of such aspects is accounting both outside and inside the company. What is the way the salaries are paid to the employees? What penalties must be imposed? How to set a fair price and salary for the customers? 

Sure, you might think confidently beyond the suggested options. Ensure that the chosen topic would be relevant in the business ethics context and express your thoughts for tackling specific problems.

Why is business ethics so important?

Problems of business ethics feature a long history. They are thoroughly referred to in religious and civilian writings. Along with different forms of commerce, matters like pricing, accurate reporting, and competition are part of all big transcripts, including Buddhist, Koran, Old Testament, Aristotle’s writings. Nevertheless, business ethics is still the object of interest in the 21st century because of such reasons.

Firstly, corporations play a unique role in contemporary society. This business form whose social and economic power might involve numerous stakeholders and be immense. It motivated further thinking concerning the means in which the possible negative corporations’ impact might be restricted.

Secondly, a corporate scandals’ wave, including cases of immoral marketing methods, negligence, and fraud has boosted the attention to corporations’ internal affairs, their agents, in particular. This was according to scandals explosions like WorldCom and Enron as well as raising interest in the corporate affairs in Hollywood, leading to such blockbusters as Jerry Maguire, The Insider, Quiz Show, and Wall Street. 

Thirdly, a new wing of legislative and economic thinking in all spheres of ethics has also modified the line of thought regarding businesses. It did it from perceiving them as creating value mechanisms to active society members with personal sets of responsibilities.

The rationale behind business ethics

In the simplest meaning, the area of business ethics is representing the meeting point between business and ethics where business decisions and the implementations of them are evaluated in terms of what is immoral and moral. Nevertheless, ethical decision-making is rather complicated because it includes much greater debate and complexity than other areas. It is complicated to recognize the relevance of the ethics to the decision in business. 

Therefore, it is much better to figure out business ethics via the responsibilities’ types it does not deal and it does deal with. So instead of offering “the best one way”, the business ethics school will highlight the moral underpinnings and back up the actions and decisions only from those perspectives. In the aftermath, ethics is different from law, meaning, that not everything which is legal is considered to be moral. For example, though it is legal for a corporation to pollute the environment, many people will argue that polluting is immoral and unethical.

 Business ethics essay examples:

Business ethics essay example 1
Business ethics essay example 2

Business ethics essay topics:

  1. Do employers favor males and why is it so?
  2. Quotas for culturally various people: fight against discrimination.
  3. Why gay employees can be fired?
  4. The problem of harassment in the workplace.
  5. The validity of various rights for LGBTQ employees.
  6. To which extent might the boss supervise the employees’ actions.
  7.  Limiting the time to use social networks during the day.
  8.  Personal data which must not be told to colleagues.
  9. How to prevent your privacy at work?
  10. Non-disclosure of data: concerns for excessive secrecy and safety.
  11. Monitoring programs like productivity mechanism.
  12. The primary target of workplace safety.
  13. The importance of insurance for employees.
  14. How to protect one’s health in the workplace?
  15. Health norms to be implemented at the office.
  16. The necessity of emergency procedures following in the workplace.
  17. Employee’s safety and machine guarding.
  18. Must the price be grounded more on the product’s quality or efforts done to produce it?
  19. To what extent must salary depend on the employee’s work effectiveness?
  20. How frequently do males get a higher salary than females?
  21. How to set a well-balanced price and be fair with a customer?
  22. The impact of non-fixed salary on the work process.
  23. The justified division of the income between the business partners.
  24. Religion-grounded conflicts in the workplace.
  25. Social responsibility that is taken by employees.
  26. What makes a proper business leader?
  27. Major unethical accidents cause at work.
  28. The problem of enterprises’ responsibility for our environment.
  29. Why might a candidate’s social status impact salary?

How to write the best business ethics paper?

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The final thoughts…

All things considered, writing a business ethics paper might take you some power and effort to do. You will need to spend some time surfing the net and book worming. However, still, it is not guaranteed that you will earn the highest grades. Therefore, it might be really useful to utilize the assistance of writing agency where you are promised to get your A’s and B’s. One more thing to take into account is a fact that you learn to be a leader when you delegate a part of troublesome and complicated work to the experts. So you will get more free time to spend on your priority tasks.

  1. How do you compose a business ethics essay?

    Make sure you include the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Your main body must consist of 3-4 paragraphs.

  2. What is business ethics and its necessity?

    It is following the moral principles that are commonly accepted in society and apply them to the work of employees.

  3. What does ethics mean in some businesses?

    It means that there is a certain set of norms and moral standards that must be strictly followed in the workplace.

  4. What is the proper business ethics?

    It is following the rules of morality in the workplace and obeying the norms of right behavior to various categories of people, remaining just and fair.

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