How to write the career goals essay on finances?

career goals essay on finances

If you want to bring your work to the next level, you should set and keep career goals. A career target is a certain objective that explains the way your future work will be. If you want to achieve success, you should define your career goals clearly. You will have to be able to define where you want to be in the future. knowing your targets is necessary for both you and your employer. 

Tips when setting smart career targets:

  • Begin with short-term targets first. Start with short-term targets and then move on to the long-term ones. The short-term targets are 1-3 years to complete targets while long-term ones are 3-5 years. If you manage to reach short-term goals, it will be possible for you to reach the long-term ones as well.
  • Do not overdo and be specific. Define your career targets. Make sure they are not too specific. 
  • Have a clear understanding of the strategy to reach your targets. Explain certain actions of how you want to gain success in your career. Break your goal into manageable chunks to reach it faster.
  • Do not be self-centered. Your work must help you master and support the targets of your employer. If your goals are different, you would better find another job. 

Why do you need a personal development plan?

Setting targets is just a section of the big formula to reach success. You do not only have to know what to do but also define your strengths and weaknesses, skills, and what you lack. 

What should you do when you are not sure about your future career?

If you doubt, be honest about it. Make the employer be aware of the things you want to do. Express your desire to utilize your strengths to contribute to the company. Support your claim with certain examples. 

Is it normal to lie about career targets?

If you lie to your employer, it might finish in a disaster. Also, if you lie at the interview, it might make you look and sound fool. We recommend you be open and honest because this will save both your time and your recruiter.  

Should I have an ambitious target or play it safe?

It is very important for every employer to hire the person ho is motivated well. The more job seems challenging for you, the better it is to hear to your employer. If your goals are too simple, it might show you have a lack of motivation. 


All things considered, we recommend you set realistic with timeliness, action-oriented, measurable, and specific targets. Having long-term and short-term goals will help you organize your life and reach the goals efficiently. One more thing which is necessary is to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses before you apply for the job. However, there is no need to be too strict to yourself. Just do not be afraid to express what you think and you will get what you want and need.

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